As of April 1, 2023, “Center for Intercultural Exchange and Studies” at Nara University of Education and “International Exchange Center” at Nara Women’s University were merged to become “International Strategy Center (Nara ISC)”.
We provide various programs for both universities’ students to gain cross-culture understanding and wide range of international experiences.

Study Abroad

・Short-term study abroad programs for students of both universities
・Programs for students of Nara University of Education
・Programs for students of Nara Women’s University

International Experience Programs

・Nakkyon’s café(@Nara University of Education)
・English Open Talk(@Nara Women’s University)
・Coto Que events(@Nara Women’s University) etc.

Collaborative Study Programs

・Online exchange classes with overseas universities etc.

International Cooperation Projects and Collaborative Research

・Support for women’s education in Afghanistan
・Collaborative research with partner universities


・Nara International Strategy Center Symposiums
・Baekje Cultural International Symposiums
・Mini-Lecture series(@Nara University of Education)